Work with Urna

Your Life Style Coach-Urna.BI help my client to focus on what he/she loves to do good at. I want my clients to control of their life and business success.

I deliver clients the clarity first and focus they need to create a thriving business for their life, Most right tools and systems in place so that clients can increase the time and spend on the business.

Individual coaching:

Individual Coaching One on One Strategy Session

This coaching system is for the busy people have no time to get live coaching  from coaches and experts and for their personal and business real needs and specially those who want to get coaching services, but they can only have so much time to spend time for it.                             On that note, live coaching is at least one hour call to kick start your business or solve in on main issue that is keeping you stuck, or a VIP day that covers everything you need to know to get your business marketing actually moving forward to the right paths.
So Urna will tailor a package that fits suitable your needs. This is the Partner success Coaching Solution Program for you!

If you want great outcomes, and seal your business and personal or group success on the way, just sign up or contact Urna Belanger to set up your Free Strategy Session.

Here are you can use half an hour strategy session:

• Clarify your big idea
• Visual identity review
• Ideas on how to start a marketing campaign for your brand new launch or your reinventing personal brand development

The great signature programs for the small business owners, solopreneurs who need support and unleash their successes and what they are passion about doing is effective or just needs to bounce ideas off of an experienced experts or coaching specialties.

Group coaching strategy:

The Partner Coaching Signarture System “Unique Opportunity” for Group Coaching and this program for smart go getter individuals and entrepreneurs and then they  can become special experts in their professional and talent field.

Are you ready to step up to the next level but your lack of a personal brand is sucking the soul out of your business? The fact that you have found this page tells me a few things…
You’re tired of trying every marketing technique known go- to expert like yourself, and not getting the results you expected.
You’re tired of investing your precious investments into your business and not making any money back.
You’re tired of working hard to attract your dream clients and not creating a thriving business.

Today’s Personal branding trend is the hot opportunity.

For most of the individuals and entrepreneurs need special help to discover their uniqueness, it’s an overwhelming endless task without best strategy goal.

It is totally possible for anybody who is creative and believe that can be done by oneself.
Then individuals’ business focus transform and their old branding is no longer reflected their services and productivity. Of Course people are struggling to move consistently, their brand had no longer valuable. Frankly they are smart enough to spend more times to re-brand as well.  That doesn’t work that way anyway.  And finally they decide the best choice to sign up for Urna Belanger’s Coaching Signature System.
Most of them are really upgrading their main goals and needs.

This high informative era, we are all overwhelming too many choices and too many information mixed up and many entrepreneurs do multitasking many different things. Of Course after first meeting with new potential clients the conclusion is the folks are confused about what they do and what they stand for today and tomorrows.
Forexample, let’s see that from so many colorful ads, flyers,business cards, calls, elevator speeches, websites, your head is full confusing storms.

These are the big problems to be solved. The time to get clarity and The our Signature Coaching program will make this work that for our clients.

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