live -in Service Model

Our live-in Service model Live- in caregiver typically who provides a combination of three major care services.

  1. IADL  or Instrumental Activities of Daily Living are the activities that people do once they are up, dressed, put together. These tasks support an independent life style. Many people can still live independently even though they need help with one or two of these IADL’s.  They include:
      • cooking
      • driving
      • using the telephone or computer
      • shopping
      • keeping track of finances
      • managing medication
  2. ADL or Activities of Daily Living include are the tasks that are required to get going in the morning, get from place to place using one’s body, and then close out the day in the evening. They involve caring for and moving the body.
    • walking
    • bathing
    • dressing
    • toileting
    • brushing teeth
    • eating
  3. Companionship care , which is caregiver engages with client in conversation, watch movie, read book, or going on walks.

Most long-term care happens, we do sometimes use language that sounds like baby talk, because some elderly people do not know exactly by their first names or most their children’s name. It is called patronizing speech. This type of communication is usually with elderly parents and nursing home residents, this affects people of all ages, and may affect you when you enter the health care system. Who knows things can be changed. The functional tasks in the daily lives of elderly seniors are divided into two parts, activities of daily living (ADL’s) and instrumental activities of daily living (IADL’s). How do we find the matching caregiver candidate to you. We perform a selected live-in caregiver-candidate specific to your family’s home care service needs, and in our service area of locations in the Wisconsin state, then screen and vet the candidates references, backgrounds, perform a criminal and sex offenders check, and perform a couple 2 interviews with them. We then set up a time for you to meet the screened candidate(s). Then you can interview her with your own specific questions, then you can select one best caregiver candidate. Once have done this process and you pay our placement fee. In the end, we provide you with our special orientation tool kit such as important tasks lists, caregiver contract e.g. to use with your caregiver(s). Which means you receive our support for your non-medical in home nursing care needs. Whether in home Dementia, Alzheimer’s care or in home Parkinson’s care even any kind of disabilities care, or  aging seniors home care services. We Serve;

  • Brookfield,
  • Elm Grove
  • Fox Point
  • Franklin
  • Glendale
  • Greendale
  • Greenfield
  • Waukesha
  • Milwaukee
  • Waukesha county
  • Wauwatosa
  • West Allis
  • New Berlin
  • North Lake
  • Pewaukee
  • and the surrounding areas in Wisconsin.




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