4 Proven Promotion Strategies to Build Your Membership

Build Your Strong Membership

It’s no big secret that promotion is the key to filling up your new membership. Gone are the days that you can just build a website and watch the traffic (and sales) pour in. These days, you have to be proactive and get out there and promote.

The question is, how?

Get Your Affiliates Excited

The best way to drive traffic and make sales? Get someone else to do it for you. And that “someone else” is your affiliates.

But you can’t just recruit a bunch of affiliates, give them a link, and send them on their way. You have to get them excited about your launch.

Here’s how:
Host an affiliate contest and reward the top sellers with valuable prizes (or cash)
Create marketing materials for them – emails, Tweets, banner ads and more are much appreciated
Reach out personally to top affiliates in your niche and ask what you can do to help their efforts
Reward top producers with higher commissions or faster payments
Make yourself available for podcast, webinar and blog interviews

Host a Free Webinar

Speaking of webinars, hosting your own free events is a fantastic way to get the word out about your membership. You can set them up using Google Hangouts (which is free) or your platform of choice. Be sure the webinar itself is full of great content, and don’t forget a call to action at the end for your membership.

Put Those Autoresponders to Work

We’ve talked before about the power of autoresponders, and promoting your membership is no different. Go through your current sequences and drop links to your membership wherever it makes sense.

Paid Advertising

Now before you skip this section, keep in mind that paid advertising does not have to cost a fortune. You don’t have to commit several hundred dollars to a risky Adwords campaign. In fact, for as little as $25 you can boost a Facebook post that leads back to your sales page – or better yet, that free webinar you’re hosting.

Finally, remember that getting the word out about your membership is an ongoing process. You can’t simply launch and then forget it. Instead, create an ongoing marketing plan that includes these and other methods, so your membership is constantly promoted. The more people who see your promotions, the steadier your income from your membership will be.

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